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Celebrating women with roots in the Middle East who show us how to break barriers | challenge injustice | disrupt narratives.

Roots in the Middle East is an online community that celebrates women connected to the Middle East; either by birth, ancestry, or residency.  

These women weren't born exceptional, they became exceptional. They teach us how to break barriers, challenge injustice, disrupt narratives, overcome bias. These fierce women are artists, athletes, activists, entrepreneurs, scientists, mothers, daughters, or immigrants. They have written their own stories.  

We would love to hear how you persist.  Guidelines are provide here. Tell the story of your life!

- Yasmine Mahdavi, Founder of Roots in the Middle East

We would like to feature stories from women whose roots in the Middle East have shaped parts of their identity. We would like to know how that has impacted your life.


Currently seeking non-fiction narratives by women whose roots are in the Middle East that address connections or disconnections with your heritage.  

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