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Interested in being included in this project? 

We'd love to hear your story about your Roots in the Middle East.


Must be:

  • Self-identified female

  • Adults: 18 years and older

  • Minors: 15 years and older OK with explicit consent from a legal guardian

Roots in the Middle East means you are connected in one or more of these ways to the Middle East:  

  • Born or raised

  • Having at least one parent

  • Currently residing

  • Formerly resided

Countries include: 

Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Afghanistan



  • Why were you inspired to submit a narrative to Roots in the Middle East?



  • Which elements of your roots do you most celebrate or revere?

  • How have your roots in the Middle East shaped your personality and/or worldview?

  • How do you incorporate your roots in the Middle East into your current life/relationships/family?

  • How does having roots in the Middle East affect your sense of identity?



  • What would surprise your peers, children, or grandchildren to know about coming of age inside or outside of the Middle East?

  • What might people in the West not know about your experience(s)? How can you enlighten them?

  • What do you wish most Americans or Westerners could know about you and your culture?

  • What unique cultural elements would you hate for those outside of the Middle East to not know about you?


Feminism in the East and West:

  • How does feminist activism in the West impact you?


Submission formats (choose one):

  • A story: 500 words or less

  • Interview-style Q&A

  • A video clip: 2–3 minutes long

  • Pictures with detailed descriptions

  • A letter to your progeny

How to submit:

Please submit your story to

Submissions can be previously published or not. At this time we are only accepting submissions in English. 

The editors will be in touch about next steps.

Nasir Mosque in Shiraz, Iran | © Marcin Szymczak

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