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Podcasts on our Minds


In this episode, Pardis Sabeti and Alan Alda talk about her scientific work, as they discover that the best way to tackle any challenge is with empathy, humanity, and a whole lot of fun.


Latitude Adjustment Mission Statement: To inspire curiosity about misunderstood places, communities, and perspectives, in order to nurture human connections, greater empathy, and to create a more just world.

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Do you teach about global cultures or world events in your classroom? If so, this podcast for you! What Teachers Need to Know: The Middle East offers vital insight for understanding current events, history, cultures, and social issues of the modern Middle East and North Africa, so that you can facilitate deeper learning about the region with your students. Meet subject-matter experts and explore online resources that can help make the Middle East accessible for K-12 classrooms. Together, we can prepare the next generation to be informed and engaged global citizens.  This podcast was created by Primary Source, a nonprofit organization that provides professional development programs and services in global learning to K-12 educators nationwide.

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The Middle East History Lecture Series is a graduate student organized forum promoting the exchange of ideas between graduate students working on various aspects of Middle Eastern history and experienced faculty members at universities around the country. This forum provides an opportunity for the student organizers to workshop with visiting faculty regarding their research (both in terms of topics as well as experiences, methodologies, etc.) and experience as academics. The culmination of each visit is a lecture by the visiting faculty member in which they present their research to an audience of historically-minded academics and students specializing in the Middle East as well as interested scholars from the campus and community. This collection also incorporates lectures from the Social Sciences and the Middle East lecture series on historic topics.


In war we often see only the frontline stories of soldiers.  Here Zainab Salbi tells powerful "blackline" stories of women who keep everyday life going during conflicts, and calls for women to have a place at the negotiating table once fighting is over. 


A podcast series exploring the "Ajam" world, from Anatolia to South Asia and beyond.  A new series from the editors and contributors at Ajam Media Collective. 


After her cousin's honor killing, Pakistani born, Khalida Brohi becomes a women's rights activist.  Here she shares the story of how her father gave her the courage to speak out against honor killings.

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Each episode shines a spotlight on changemakers doing everything from the ordinary to the extraordinary, humanizing their triumphs and struggles and offering a more real narrative of what it means to be human.

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Radio Silence

Listen to episodes:

Conceived specifically for Philadelphia as the birthplace of American democracy, Radio Silence was inspired by famed Iraqi broadcaster Bahjat Abdulwahed, who lived in the city as a refugee until his death in 2016. The project interwove dreams and memories from Iraq, America, and in-between into a soundscape of the contemporary refugee experience, the Iraqi diaspora, and the culture of an Iraq, that due to war and political unrest, no longer exists. 


Of Two Minds

A conversation between two people who share something deeply in common and yet remain deeply divided, hosted by Sarah Shourd. First, we interview each guest separately and ask them about the events that formed their beliefs. Then we get them to talk to each other and hash things out. 


Arab Tyrant Manual

About Arab Tyrant Manual is an independent online publishing platform focused on freedom, human rights and the fight against all forms of authoritarianism – social, political or religious. Its aim is to provide a hub for analysts, researchers, writers and activists to share ideas on the Arab experience, as well as relate it to the rest of the world. Interested subjects: Human rights; Authoritarianism; Democracy and political reform; Life under repressive states; Future Sustainability; Current affairs. 


KPFA Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

The richly diverse and fascinating world of culture and politics of the Middle East and North Africa, exploring the complex web of class, gender, ethnic, religious and regional differences which separate and distinguish the ways of life and political and ideological perspectives of people in that part of the world. 


Our Man in the Middle East

Listen to Jeremy Bowen's personal history of the Middle East.


Kerning Cultures

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Kerning Cultures tells the kind of stories in which we can see ourselves, the kinds of stories we want to discuss with our friends over warm cups of coffee on cozy sofas. Because we love stories - really good stories, and there are so many from our region waiting to be told. 


Middle East Focus

Listen to episodes:

Middle East Focus is produced by Washington DC’s Middle East Institute. It explores a range of topics ranging from current events to wider themes emerging from the region, like women's rights and regional relations.


POMPEPS Conversations

Marc Lynch, professor of political science at George Washington University, directs and produces the Project on Middle East Political Science (POMEPS) podcast, featuring in 15 minute conversations a leading scholar in the field of Middle East Political Science. It covers a diverse range of topics from blogging in Egypt to black markets and Islamist power.

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